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Branding – Metaverse Case Studies (Vatom)

August 26, 2022
Vatom - Branding in the Metaverse

The Vatom platform is a Top 100 Metaverse platforms that will disrupt the Web3 tech scene in the futurer. Vatom allows users to create and explore virtual spaces, or “metaverses” either on their Phone, Desktop, or as an AR / VR experience. One of the key features of the Vatom platform is the ability to create and customize virtual tokens, “Vatoms” or SmartNFTs, which can be used to represent real-world items or brand experiences.

In recent years, several brands have started using the Vatom platform to create unique and engaging experiences for their customers. Here are a few examples of successful brand case studies on the Vatom platform:

  • Nike: In 2018, Nike partnered with the Vatom platform to create a virtual Nike store within the metaverse. This allowed users to browse and purchase Nike products in a fully immersive, 3D environment. The virtual store featured realistic 3D models of Nike products, as well as interactive elements, such as virtual changing rooms and product customization tools.
  • Coca-Cola: In 2019, Coca-Cola partnered with the Vatom platform to create a virtual scavenger hunt within the metaverse. The campaign, called “The Coke Quest,” invited users to explore virtual spaces and collect virtual Coke bottles to unlock rewards and prizes. The campaign was a success, with over 100,000 users participating and over 1 million virtual Coke bottles collected.
  • Samsung: In 2020, Samsung partnered with the Vatom platform to create a virtual reality experience for the launch of their new smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip. The experience allowed users to explore a virtual world and learn more about the new phone’s features and capabilities. Users could also interact with virtual versions of the phone and try out its various functions, such as folding and unfolding the screen.
  • Toyota: In 2021, Toyota partnered with the Vatom platform to create a virtual test drive experience for their new electric vehicle, the Mirai. The experience allowed users to explore a virtual city and test drive the Mirai in a variety of driving conditions, such as city streets, highways, and off-road trails. The virtual test drive also included interactive elements, such as a virtual fuel cell and an electric motor, to help users learn more about the technology behind the Mirai.
  • Frito-Lay / FIFA World Cup: In 2022, Vatom was chosen for Frito-Lay’s first ever Web3 campaign, in one of the largest ever branded Web3 campaigns in the world to date and on an unprecedented scale. PepsiCo printed QR codes on over 200 million Frito-Lay bags which gave users an interactive engagement experience, in which they’d be rewarded with potential prizes related to FIFA and The World Cup.

Overall, these brand case studies demonstrate the potential of the Vatom platform as a tool for creating engaging and immersive experiences for customers. By leveraging the unique features of the platform, such as customizable vatoms and interactive elements, brands can create unique and memorable experiences that engage and delight their customers.

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