Native Creation
AI, Media, Metaverse
AI, Media, Metaverse
Management, Media, Metaverse
Management, Media, Metaverse
Marketing, Metaverse, Web3
Marketing, Metaverse, Web3
Marketing, Metaverse, Web3
Marketing, Metaverse, Web3
Culture, Media, Metaverse
Culture, Media, Metaverse
Metaverse, VR / XR / AR, Web3
Metaverse, VR / XR / AR, Web3

Global Branding & Communications

Building better connections & community in the social metaverse
Digital Branding
Efficient campaigns utilize ever evolving forms across media, powered by user generated insights and analytics
Metaverse Design
Social media has evolved into online metaverse worlds, requiring a dynamic approach to reach audiences
Web3 Solutions
Marketing solutions have evolved with Web3, including NFTs, Virtual events, UGC, and cross-platform branding.

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Deeply rooted in consumer sentiment, good brand strategy affects all aspects of business, yet also shapes it.

Global leadership and experience


Master's Degree of Media Management
The New School of Media Studies, '17
Bachelor's Degree of Liberal Arts
The New School of Public Engagement, '15
Associate's Degree of Digital Media
Northwest Vista College, '09


Producer, UI/UX, Quality Assurance, (2021-2022)
Alamo City Film Festival
Director of Communications, Strategy Officer (2015-2016)
The Native Creation
Founder / Producer, (2014-Present)


Working Artist Fund
Luminaria, 2021
SA CARES 4 Art Grant
CoSA, Department of Arts & Culture, 2020
University Scholar's Award
The New School of Public Engagement, 2015

“When I worked with Richard, he was helping to import assets into the Multiverse game environment. He was very knowledgeable, efficient, and a great communicator; which is important in a role that crosses technical skill and art assets, especially when working remotely. He was a pleasure to work with!”

“Richard helped ensure that all my hard work on the 3D art side made it into the game and looked great. He was very professional, fun to work with, and was an excellent problem solver, that helped keep things moving and on time to meet our tight deadline. I very much enjoyed working with him and hope we get a chance to do it again in the future!”

“I spoke with Richard often at Metaversatility. Richard is the type that clearly takes time to understand any given situation, then addresses it appropriately. He handles workload professionally and is consistent in his reliability.”

“Rick is definitely a versatile and knowledgeable fellow. Performs well under pressure, handles issues really well, and learns extremely quickly. He’s got a good sense of humor and is a good friend as well.”