The Native Creation™

Media Strategist / Production Manager

Richard “Rick” Canfield is a postgraduate with a Master’s of Science degree from The New School (School of Media Studies) specializing in Media Management, including Agile and Lean business development within independent creative industries. He offers digital strategy consultations virtually to small businesses and nonprofits across the globe.

With an extensive creative and technical background, Richard specializes in special media & emerging technology projects, coordinating with talented international teams. Projects range from aerospace prototypes, branded virtual worlds, game development, film productions, festivals, and live event campaigns (PAX South, SXSW, ACL).

As a screenwriter, filmmaker, and visual artist, he has given talks at the World Science Fiction Convention in San Jose, California, and at The New School in New York City regarding anthropological media, speculative fiction, and indigenous inclusion; particularly in regards to Latinx representation in media. His short story “The Last Avacado” was featured in the text-game anthology A Larger Reality 2.0

Using game production, film, and VFX experience (Gnomon Master Classes), he hopes to build an inclusive independent Virtual Production studio based in Texas. With State and local production incentives available, he is independently producing high-end cinematic content focusing on underrepresented Latinx stories that can appeal to global audiences across multiple platforms.

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